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I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Mineral-ly Depleted!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

But, in all seriousness, when the body is depleted of minerals the cells starve . . . energy dwindles, the body loses its ability to deal with stress well, the brain slows as neurons fail to fire optimally &

ultimately . . . I may act out of character!

In Dr. Rick Malter's book "The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis" he states "nutrient minerals are the "spark plugs" of life and the mind/body system." What a fascinating concept. Without the proper balance of essential minerals, the vehicle will misfire or have issues running at all. This is why I love hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMAs)! It's like the car diagnostic reader but for humans. Because the hair tissue holds multiple months worth of mineral content, it can give us insight into an individuals' metabolic processes, management of stress & more.

Now, reading the results from a HTMA are a whole other thing. There are so many mineral patterns that can be associated with health patterns an individual may be experiencing . . .

For example, many inferences can be made about an individual's psychological functioning from specific patterns on the HTMA. I find this so intriguing! In specific, the Sodium:Potassium ratio (shown on the HTMA) goes hand-in-hand with psychological functioning. As my Sodium:Potassium ratio increases on the HTMA, it is likely I will project much judgement, criticism, controlling behavior & more onto others. This may seem out of my control, but if I take my minerals into consideration, I can greatly improve this behavior.

Additionally, the Calcium:Magnesium ratio can give me insight on my body's ability to regulate blood sugar. An extreme in either direction with this ratio may indicate that I have issues balancing my blood sugar. I may experience delusion, confusion, anger, anxiety & more. Addressing my mineral status along with diet can help me find balance here.

I bring this all up because . . . it's important! I believe bringing awareness to this topic can really enlighten people & give hope. Not that I can just blame my minerals for me acting out of character, but I can now have awareness around the situation & understand that minerals truly effect me at every level. When I act out of character I can approach myself with grace knowing my body may be in need of extra nourishment. If I am feeling "off" or not myself for a period of time, I know there is nourishing work to be done.

It's given me new perspective in dealing with others. If I happen to be dealing with a particularly difficult person, I tell myself "maybe they are just mineral-ly depleted" or "maybe they simply need some extra nourishment." It helps me to see the situation from a different lens.

I also believe all of this is incredibly encouraging! If I'm not quite content with my character or my out of control emotions, it's great to know that deep nourishment may be a piece of the puzzle that can help me along in the process.



P.S. Interested in getting your own HTMA and diving into the results together? Check out my "Ordering Labs" page to learn more!

**None of this is medical advice or should be used to diagnose, treat or solve a medical problem. If you have medical concerns, consult your doctor.**

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