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Why you NEED to Add Hot Spring Soaks to Your Wellness Toolkit!

Do I have any hot spring junkies here? Maybe after you read this, you will be well on your way to becoming one yourself!

To be honest, I didn't use to undersrtand the "hype". . .

In fact, many of my hot spring experiences had been in sketchy, slimy pools with the looming fear of getting some brain-eating bacteria into my body and dying a slow and painful death. Maybe a bit dramatic? Can anyone else relate? To be honest though, I think we can find fear in nearly anything if we want to. Oftentimes, fear disables our ability to see truth or "good". This was my case with hot springs.

Over the years I have become more naturally drawn to getting back to my roots, my innate being. With that comes deeper connection to self, nature, and God. I believe turning to creation and as many natural elements as we can for healing is our best way forward as often it is not monopolized or construed by pharmeceutical agendas or quotas.

Afterall, nature is our most potent resource. It simply IS and is designed to JUST BE . . . to provide. Whether it is minerals, free electrons, fresh air to purify and cleanse our bodies, there is no doubt that nature is healing.

After years of reading Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (learn more about the HTMA here) results daily, I have come to a few conclusions:

1) Society is more depleted of minerals than ever before . . . maybe it is the stress, the nutrient-depleted soils, the harmful pollutents burning up our mineral stores, so on.

2) We are more disconnected from nature and ourselves than ever before. It is time to tap back into our innate being and get back to our roots.

3) Many individuals are not aware of their lack of vitality. A subpar functioning of our bodies has become the norm. Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on resiliency!

With a renewed perspective on the healing powers of hot springs, I want to share with you a FEW good reasons why hot springs should be added to your wellness toolkit!

1) Hot springs are generally FREE or relatively cheap to access

Hot springs vary quite a bit depending on source and location! Some are in very natural and rural settings, requiring expert navigational skills and a good ol' map and compass. Others are in more built-up areas and even have nice maintained swimming pools or soaking tubs that are fed the hot spring water. Most of the ones in nature are totally free. Others that have built up facilities may require a small entry fee or a reservation to use. Be sure you do your research to know what to expect before embarking on your adventure! Regardless of the location or setting, you are sure to reap the benefits of taking the time for an intentional soak.

2) Hot springs are a great source of FREE ELECTRONS

Since we are energetic beings, electron transfers from the earth to our bodies is ultra healing and "grounding". Think about how you feel when you stand barefoot on the earth and soak in the good energy. The similar effect can happen while soaking in a hot spring. In fact, the experience may even be a bit amplified due to the addition of the healing minerals as well.


If you have been hanging around the Haren Holistics crowd for any time, you know we are big on minerals here! Minerals make up the foundation of our overall health and well-being. Minerals trigger enzymes to function, which trigger a variety of mechanisms and cellular functions in the body, which lead to hormone production, secretion, etc, which leads to overall metabolism and, ultimately, an individual's overall health and well-being.

While the mineral content of hot springs may vary depending on the specfic source and location, some of the most common minerals found in hot springs include:

Magnesium: essential for thousands of enzymatic reactions in the body, necessary for metabolic health & function, helps regulate the body's stress response, can help relieve mental stress & anxiety, helps with nutrient absorption & utilization in the body

Sulfur: essential for cellular health & protection, helps the body convert food into fuel

Sodium: essential for maintaining pH in the body, stimulates neuron firing, essential for muscle contraction, helps with electrolyte balance

Potassium: essential for keeping fluid balance in the cells, essential for muscle contraction, nerve impulse & neuron function, helps with mineral absorption & utilization in the body, helps regulate blood pressure & glucose

Silica: essential for collagen & elastin production, contributing to healthy skin & bones

Calcium: essential for bone development & strength, essential for pH balance, helps regulate heart beat, helps generate cellular energy, & essential in the blood clotting process, helps mediate cell reponses to different hormones in the body

And many more trace minerals and elements!

4) Fresh Air!

Breathing in fresh, unaltered air is, unfortunately a rarity these days. While some hot springs are in populated areas, most are in more rural settings. Not only do you get to soak in those minerals and pick up those free electrons, you get to purify your body from the inside out by taking in some deep breaths of fresh air while doing so!

5) Reflection

Do you remember the last time you were able to sit in nature, take a deep inhale and exhale and just BE? If not, you better get that calendar and hot spring map out now and start planning! I find that in the every-so-crazy modern world, we are subject to the principle of just doing, doing and more doing. There can be an incredible amount of healing and rejuvenation found in just stopping, sitting and reflecting. If we are just going all the time, how can we ever guage where the trajectory of our life is headed? Are we even on the path we envisioned ourselves being on when we were once dreamers? When we sit in nature, with the groundedness, the minerals, the fresh air, a different kind of perspective tends to hit us. We tend to be realigned with our dreams, our passions and have a desire to reroute, staying deeper connected moving forward.

I think I got a bit "deeper" with this blog post than I intended, but I hope it offers you some new perspectives and some inspiration to plan your next hot spring trip!

If you would like some guidance in planning your next hot spring adventure, here are a couple tips:

1) Do your research online or find a hot spring guide book at your local library!

These are a few helpful resources:

Make sure you check the recent water testing of the hot springs you intend to visit to ensure no

harmful bacteria has been detected as well!

2) Be kind & courteous when soaking!

  • Don't be the person who blasts loud music in nature

  • Don't tag your location in any social posts to keep these areas protected - its kind of an honor system in the hot spring world to simply share spots through word of mouth

  • Follow the rules for the area! Every hot spring is unique in it's own way, be sure to look for any informative signs, rules, and regulations for the area!

Most importantly! Enjoy yourself, nature and the healing benefits of soaking up the Earth's minerals!

I'd love to know your experiences . . . let me know how you feel after your hot spring soak!

Cheers to happy minerals & rejuvenation,


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