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The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

About HTMAs

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA is a valuable lab test that is both non-invasive & affordable. The value of the HTMA is the longer term insight gained on overall metabolic health.


Elements Measured

The HTMA gives us insight into the status of 36 key minerals & toxic elements (like heavy metals) impacting an individual's overall health.

By looking at the mineral status, we can create individualized protocols aimed toward replenishing minerals, detoxing heavy metals & striving toward balance.

Key Ratios

Knowing about different mineral patterns & how specific elements work with other elements, we can use the values on the HTMA to gain insight to thyroid function, liver function, adrenal health, brain function & so much more.

For example the following ratios & patterns can give us insight to other areas of health:

Ca/P: Metabolic Type - Slow Oxidizer v Fast Oxidizer

Na/K: "stress ratio"

Ca/K: "thyroid ratio"

Na/Mg: "adrenal gland ratio"

Ca/Mg: "emotional stress ratio"

What can I expect when I get my HTMA kit?

You will get everything you need mailed to your address!

- a paper scale to measure the specific amount of hair needed to send in

-detailed instructions for collecting the sample

-pre-stamped envelope to send to the lab

-a lil "thank you" from me!

How much hair do I need to part with for the HTMA?

Luckily, not very much! See the video for a sample of how much will be sent in. It's just under a tablespoon.

Get HTMA Testing

Apply now to work with Lexie 1:1 and get valuable insights to your individual mineral & heavy metal status.

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