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Empowering you to take your health back into your own hands.

By getting to the roots. 

By accounting for bio-individuality through individual lab markers.

By establishing a solid & sustainable foundation for overall health & wellbeing.

Working 1:1

The Process & What You Can Expect


This call is designed to establish rapport, & hone in on your specific wellness goals. We can decide which plan, labs & payment options will be the best for you. It's also a great time to figure out if it is even a good fit for us to work together. If you know what services you want, book through the service guide.


Attend Your Consultation & Prepare to Learn!

The comprehensive consultation is booked once we have received all of your lab results back from the labs! During this consult you can expect to cover health history, your lab resuls, and create an individualized plan to address and imbalances or areas that may need addressing.


Book your Package

After the discovery call, you will get set up with your secure & HIPPA-compliant client portal. You will recieve your individualized package & can book & pay at this time. After payment is received, you can excitedly await the arrival of your labs in the mail! If you already know the package you want, you can book on your own here.


Implement Your Individualized Plan

During this phase you will have the opportunity to implement Lexie's suggestions based off of your "road-map" (functional labs). Don't worry, we will take this phase very slowly and ensure it is sustainable for you. You can also expect 90 days of continued support, weekly check-ins in your client portal, and additional resources as needed.


Are you ready?

To take your health back into your own hands.

To ditch the band-aid approach & actually get to the root?

To become confident & equipped in your wellness journey?


“I came to Lexie during a really hard time. I was struggling to get honest answers even from health practioners. In fact I had just been kicked out of a program by one where I was labeled toxic because I asked to many questions. I just wanted to see my results. Even this health business can be a business to steal money from honest people. Lexie took me in, did the testing I wanted & guided me through so much. I improved & learned so much through her guidance & she never made me feel stupid or like I was asking too many questions. She's very knowledgeable for someone who’s young or should I say younger then me! I loved working with her.”

Lily V.

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