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Holistic Canine Care


Our Pup's

Our sweet Motsie pup (the pyrenees mix in the photo above) was only 3 years only when she developed severe allergies & inflammation. I remember distinctly when I had her on a hike with me, a person stopped and said "oh my goodness your pup must be so old!" (judging by her inflammation and her limp). I was pretty devastated and knew I had to take matters into my own hands after the local vet had ordered her to be put on a diet of chicken and rice (which come to find out, motsie was severely allergic to!) This was honestly one of the doorways into the holistic health realm for me 5 years ago.

So what helped our now 8-year-old Motsie pup get back to even better energy than our lil' shepherd pup Akari? Holistic & natural care! See below.

 The Key Pillars to Holistic K9 Care

We found these 3 pillars to be vital in turning around the health of our Pyrenees. The awesome thing is, they turned out to be a whole lot cheaper than getting a ton of testing with zero answers at a standard vet done as well. Hopefully, by sharing our story and resources, we can save you money and get your pup to optimal health.

Functional Labs:

Getting a Roadmap

How are you going to know what to do without a roadmap? 2 key tools that helped us get to the root of Motsie's inflammation were:

Glacier Peak Wellness Allergy Test


A Canine Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Once we had these results we were able to come up with a plan of attack to reduce inflammation, detox heavy metals & increase resiliency.

Raw Fed Diet:

Big No-Thanks to Kibble

If you've gone down the kibble rabbit hole, you are probably quite aware of the reason why dogs are sicker than ever, presenting with diseases like diabetes more often and so on. Dogs, descendants of the wolves and coyotes are scavengers! This means they thrive on diets rich in animal scraps, tendons, ligaments, organs and the occasional fruit. Switching our pups to raw eating was a game-changer for their health.

We love using Raw-Fed K9s meat patties that are ground up with tendons, ligaments & bones so we now our pups are getting plenty of nutrients in! If you choose to purchase from Raw Fed K9, I have a coupon code for y'all. Use code: LEXIEHAREN to save 10%

Holistic Care

& Resources

While the diet and roadmap helped signifcantly with the healing process, we also found some additional wellness tools to be valuable as well.


These included:

Holistic Vet Care for Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Red Light Therapy

Herbal Remedies & Tinctures

ION Gut Support for Dogs

& more!

Order a Canine HTMA Today!

Canine Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) includes full written report of results & suggestions/recommendations.

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