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A complete resource library + community space by Haren Holistics

Hey gorgeous!


Have you been craving a space where passionate, like-minded women unite to rediscover themselves, dive into holistic health, & empower each other to take health back into their own hands?

Sound like you? Make sure you catch the video below!

Member Perks

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*Monthly membership: minimum commitment of 3 months to qualify for perks

A Collective Worth Talking About

A gathering space for likeminded women who crave adventure, love learning all things holistic health & who are passionate about showing up to take their health back into their own hands.

Exclusive Resource Library.

As a member, you unlock a treasury of valuable resources. From recorded chats to downloadable guides and mini-courses – the wealth of knowledge available will constantly inspire and educate you. Imagine having answers to your biggest health questions in an organized & easy-to-access fashion, right at your fingertips!

Fireside Chats.

Curl up with your mug of nourishing hot cocoa or adrenal-supporting herbal tea, and tune in as leading wellness professionals share their journey and insights on a variety of topics.


The best part? If you miss a live Fireside Chat, it's recorded for you to catch up anytime!

Examples of previously recorded chats include: Holistic Approaches to Hypothyroidism, Sauna Use + Biohacking, Cycle Syncing for Hormone:Life Harmony, From Vegetarian to Animal-Based, Habit Creation + Sustainability, Altitude Talk & more!

Embrace the 3 "M's"


Dive deep into the world of minerals and learn about their role in hormone balance and overall vitality.


Propel yourself forward, both mentally and physically, embracing knowledge and community collaboration.


Embrace your wild side, pursue your dreams and cherish the grounding effect of nature.

Hear what the tribe is saying:

Jimalene, CA

"Mountain Gal Well Co is a great daily reminder for my health & wellness, with resources right at my fingertips." 

Angel, CA

"I have learned so much about our bodies that I never knew before. Lexie's information is so valuable in understanding what is happening to us on the inside & how we are effected by what we put into & onto our bodies. These are things that I never thought of before I started listening to Lexie & understanding the information that she provides." 

Jewle, MT

"This wellness community is my one-stop guide to health. It offers great health tips, wellness info, and a vibrant outdoor community - a perfect blend for a healthier, happier life."
Mountain Gal Wellness Co-5.png

Ready to embark on your next adventure?

Join the Collective!

Mountain Gall Wellness Co, welcomes you with open arms into your next journey of radical self care, community & education to keep you climbing those mountains (both literally & physically).

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