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Is your internal battery running low?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

I like to think of our health from an energetics standpoint. It's quite simple when you break it down actually! If our energy demands exceed our energy supply we start to experience stress in the form of oxidative stress in our body. When oxidative stress gets out of control, that's when we start to experience symptoms. Some symptoms may include (but are not limited to): brain fog, fatigue, PMS symptoms, headaches, muscle cramps, poor sleep quality, anxiety, depression, mood swings, infertility, cold hands/feet, heart palpitations, etc. I'd say if you are experiencing lots of symptoms, your battery is running pretty low and may need some TLC. Your energy supply is not adequate enough for your energy demands. Well, how do we recharge our battery?

First off, slowing down and mitigating stressors in our life is a good first step.

Take a step back and think about what may be causing stress in your life? We will never get rid of all our stressors, but we can definitely simplify. Are you going too long without food during the day? Are you getting enough sleep at night? Are you going into your workouts totally drained and therefore not recovering well? Taking a mental note of our stressors and making some simple swaps can make a huge difference!

Second, lets talk about how to get our battery more of a charge.

Simple things like eating nourishing foods on a consistent basis can make all the difference. I prioritize eating a health snack or meal every 3-4 hours. A balanced snack to me includes a protein+carb+fat. I'll dig more into specifics on a blog post coming up! Food is our bodies foundation for fuel, so we need to prioritize healthy foods often.

How else can we charge our battery?

We can prioritize hydration! I stay hydrated by drinking filtered water with minerals added back in. I love to put the Mitigate Stress brand's magnesium bicarbonate in my water to get in those essential minerals. Your battery will thank you for adding those minerals back in!

Ok, our battery is slowly getting more charged!

A couple more things we can look at. We can take a very individualized approach to recharging our batteries by getting a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and some basic bloodwork done. If you are interested in these specifics, please reach out to me via email, text or DM and we can talk about options and if my health consulting services may be a good fit for you! From here, we can look at your specific mineral profile and recommend the best supplements, sustainable lifestyle choices and protocols for you.

Thanks for reading! I wish all the best for your battery packs!

How would you rate your internal battery's energy level?

  • My battery definitely needs a charge

  • Somewhere in the middle

  • I feel supercharged most the time!

If you'd like a little more scientific reading on the role minerals play in our body and cellular energy production, here is a great article in the Journal of International Medical Research, titled "The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Energy Metabolism and Well-Being".

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**None of this information should be used to diagnose, treat or solve any medical issues. Consult your doctor for medical advice.**


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