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5 things I do to support breast health

As a woman with a history of cystic breast tissue and biopsies, maintaining my breast health is a priority. Here, I share the five things I do for breast health, based on my personal experiences and research. Remember, this is not medical advice and should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always work with a qualified practitioner and do your own research. If anything, I hope this spurs some curiosity for you and helps you feel empowered in knowing your options and advocating for yourself and your health!

1) Taking Systemic Enzymes I have found that systemic enzymes, specifically Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, work wonders for my breast health. Serrapeptase, derived from the enzymes silk worms use to break down their fibrous cocoons, works similarly on the fibrous tissue in our bodies. Nattokinase, an enzyme derived from a process used to ferment soybeans, has been shown to break down blood clots and fibrin. I personally prefer MitoLife’s Dissolve-It-All, a product that contains these enzymes but does not contain soy.

An excerpt from a review on serrapeptase:

2) Joining the No Bra Club Bras can be restrictive, preventing proper lymphatic flow and really just causing problems. I honestly have gotten to the point where I feel like bras are pretty much "casts" for our boobs. When a body part doesn't move around freely like it's meant to, it loses functionality, loses muscle (no thanks to saggy boobs) and can really suffer some poor consequences! Since ditching underwire and synthetic bras, I've noticed an improvement in my breast health. My breasts have actually perked up more and my lymphatic flow has greatly improved. My alternatives to bras include Pact bra tops, 100% cotton tanks, and loose linen or cotton shirts. Everything is better au-natural in my opinion.

3) Breast Thermography Breast thermography, or thermal imaging, is a screening tool that can detect inflammation or “hot spots” in the tissue. As inflammation is often associated with cancerous masses, it can be a great tool for early detection. Due to my dense breast tissue, mammograms aren't a great option for me. They often miss early detection of cancer and don't provide a complete picture. Plus, the exposure to radiation from mammograms and ultrasounds is not appealing to me and ultrasounds have previously caused me many unnecessary “scares”. I've found breast thermography to be the next best and affordable option for me. You can search "breast thermography near me" on google to find a center that offers these services!

Here is a great article that digs deep into the mechanisms and process behind breast thermography:

4) Using Castor Oil Packs Castor oil is a natural source of phytochemicals that can be absorbed by the body and help with inflammation, reduction of free radicals, and cystic tissue. I use castor oil packs on my breasts to reap the benefits of these compounds. See the diagram for some of the key phytochemicals found in ricinus communis (the castor oil plant) and their roles in pharmacology:

The above image is from the following study:

When opting for a good castor oil and pack, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) I make sure the castor oil is organic & stored in a glass bottle

2) I make sure the pack is 100% cotton or some sort of natural fiber that is not bleached or synthetic (I don't want to absorb any toxic chemicals!)

My favorite brand is Queen of the Thrones, which offers convenient kits for castor oil application you can use code HARENHOLISTICS10 to save on your purchase! A few things I love about Queen of the Thrones specifically is that their castor oil comes in a glass bottle (yay for no micro-plastics) and they have easy to use kits!

I currentty have the liver pack kit (shown in picture), but they also have kits specifically for the eyes, the thyroid, the breasts & even for kids! I currently use my liver pack over my breasts too and find it works just fine for both!

5) Focusing on Hormone Health Excess estrogen is a known risk factor for cancer. Therefore, focusing on hormone health, particularly optimal liver and thyroid function and low stress levels, is crucial. I keep my detox pathways open with regular movement (even just walking is amazing for lymphatic flow).

I also support my liver with castor oil packs and raw carrot salad. The castor oil packs over the liver can help support the ridding of toxins and balance of hormones. The raw carrot salad can help by binding to toxins in the digestive tract and carrying them out through the bile! They are also a great source of fiber to help keep things moving!

My recipe for the raw carrot salad:

Regulate my blood sugar with frequent balanced meals and adequate protein intake (I aim for AT LEAST 0.8g protein per lb of body weight a day - so for a 150lb individual that would be a goal of 120g protein a day).

Support my thyroid with amino acid intake and selenium and iodine from whole food sources:

  • Whole food sources of amino acids:

    • beef, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products

  • Whole food sources of selenium:

    • eggs, Brazil nuts, chicken, beef, turkey

  • Whole food sources of iodine:

    • cod, tuna, seaweed, shrimp, dairy products, eggs

I also avoid blue light after sunset to reduce stress. I do this by wearing blue light blocking glasses with an orange/red tint to them! It's incredible how much they help regulate my internal clock and help with my circadian rhythm!

Want to Learn More? If you found this information useful, feel free to like, comment, or share. You can also join the Mtn Gal Well Co, an online holistic wellness community, for daily discussions on topics like this. If you're interested in working 1:1 with me, we can choose what functional labs will be most applicable for your unique situation. More info is available here.

Cheers to health!


**None of the information in this post is medical advice & should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. Work with a qualified practitioner to address any medical concerns. Some links may be affiliate links where Lexie receives a small payout from a company for sharing about their products. Lexie only shares about products that she personally uses & has done extensive reserach on. Thanks for choosing to support her & her small business by purchasing through her links!**

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