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The Baking Soda Test 🧪

Y'all, this season of wellness "turbulence" - as I like to call it - has been quite the journey. I can confidently say I have experienced nearly every gut issue imaginable (it's been quite crappy, to say the least). 

The wild thing is, if you asked me back in December how my gut health was, I would have said "I have an iron gut!" I could eat anything. My food allergies & intolerances from my early 20s were a thing of my past. It was epic! (That's the last time I'll boast about having immaculate gut health . . . haha).


But we all know how quickly things can change with our health (especially when we add significant life stressors to the mix). I'm talking mold exposure, moving across many states, new communities, humid environments & everything else we decided to dump upon ourselves this last year that contributed to major stress bucket overload. It's no surprise our health took a toll.


While this isn't a journey I would wish upon anyone, I hope some of my lessons & revelations can be of value to YOU. Whether you are currently experiencing GI issues, have in the past, or want to ensure your gut microbiome is dialed in to serve your body well, I hope this message can give you some tangible steps to dig deeper.

In hopes of getting to the root of some of my major gut issues, I dove into many rabbit holes, research & even continuing education resources. What I found was generally complex & convuluted - no simple answers. So I did what I do best & took matters into my own hands. I thought about how can I simplify this foreign language of "gut talk" & relay to the average human being (without a Masters in science & deep understanding of human physiology) with confidence & ease.

Enter in my foundational findings AND . . . The Baking Soda Test.

If I were to go back in time & figure out some tangible steps I could take in the first place of figuring out the root of my gut issues, I would have started my journey with the baking soda test.

What is this baking soda test?


The theory behind the baking soda test is . . . when we ingest a combination of baking soda & water, the baking soda will interact with our stomach acid, creating CO2 in the body, causing us to burp.


What can we learn from this test?


Depending on how long it takes to burp after consuming the baking soda/water mixture, it may give us a rough gauge of stomach acid status. We can learn whether we need to dig a bit deeper into our gut health & support stomach acid production or if it appears there is enough to support digestion.

While this test is most defnitely not diagnostic or even "official" it can give us valuable insight to stomach acid production, which is ESSENTIAL for nutrient absorption, a healthy gut microbiome & overall gut health.

Want to give it a go at home? ⬇️


1) Grab 4oz (1/2 cup) cold water🚰

2) Add 1/4 tsp baking soda 🥄

3) Drink the mixture & start a timer🥤

4) Time how long it takes for you to burp ⏱️


Analyze the results . . .

If it takes more than 3-5 minutes for you to burp after drinking the concoction, this may indicate low stomach acid production.

Why is stomach acid important?

Adequate stomach acid is necessary for our body to digest food & absorb essential nutrients & minerals. When stomach acid is low, we see situations like bacterial overgrowth, indigestion & other gut related issues pop up.

In fact, some of the most common symptoms of low stomach acid include gas, burping, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, nutrient deficiencies (b/c the body isn't fully digesting & absorbing food), hair loss, stomach ulcers, H.Pylori infection & more.

So, now what?

If your burp is >3-5 min from ingestion AND you also experience any of the symptoms above, there are a few things I would personally do to support a happy gut . . .


1) Try utilizing digestive bitters 15 min before meals to aid in stomach acid production & nutrient absorption. I keep my bitters in my purse so they are on hand 24/7. I use them religiously before meals & have noticed a great impact on my gut function! I can vouch for Organic Olivia's Digestive Juice.


2) Avoid drinking excessive amounts of fluids right before or during meals which may impair stomach acid activity & the digestion of food.


3) Add in ginger! Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory food & can aid in stomach acid production. Some of my favorite ginger recipes are saved on my Pinterest here.


4) Get a Gi-map (stool analysis) to see if harmful bacteria like H.Pylori could be impairing stomach acid production. This test can also serve as a valuable "road map" to rebalancing the gut microbiome. My recent continuing education courses allowed me to add this service to my offerings! It's been a game-changer for how I approach my health & know it will be for you too. You can book a discovery call with me to learn more & we can create your functional lab package. If you are sure that you want to book this package, you can book yourself through my Services & Pricing Guide here.


I hope these tidbits help you along your journey to a happy gut microbiome!

Let me know in the comments how your test goes ⬇️

Cheers to a happy gut,


Learn More About Stomach Acid Production in Our Online Community + Wellness App: Mtn Gal Well Co or by working with Lexie 1:1.

*None of the information in this post is medical advice & should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. Work with a qualified practitioner to address any medical concerns. Some links may be affiliate links where Lexie receives a small payout from a company for sharing about their products. Lexie only shares about products that she personally uses & has done extensive reserach on. Thanks for choosing to support her & her small business by purchasing through her links!*

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