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DIY Electrolyte Drink Powder in Under 5 Min!

The issue with all of the electrolyte powders on the market (at least the ones I've researched), is that their electrolyte proportions are WAYYYY off. For example, one may have way more sodium than potassium - not an ideal ratio as we typically want more potassium to sodium in our diets.

Additionally, additives like fake sugars! Does anyone else get that weird taste in their mouth when they bite or sip a product with fake sugar in it? Or even an immediate headache?! For me, it's enough to make me hurl. Not to mention the extensive research on fake and processed sugar and it's close ties with cancer and disease.

Without many good options on the market, I decided to craft up my own electrolyte drink powder that's easily customizable and has the ideal mineral ratios for my preferences! Catch the quick video on me making the powder - seriously so simple to make in UNDER 5 MIN. And then the recipe at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy! - Lex

DIY Electrolyte Drink Powder


- 1/4 tsp cream of tartar

- 2 tsp freeze dried fruit powder of choice (in this video I opted for a cherry-lime combo, I would imagine a lemon-lime or pineapple-strawberry combo would be tasty too!)


1) Combine all dry ingredients.

2) Add to a cup or two of water or juice & enjoy the hydration!

Let me know what you think & what flavor combos you come up with!

Cheers to happy minerals,


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