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Holiday Wellness Shopping Guide

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Looking for some unique, healthy, nourishing gift ideas this holiday season? Look no further! This shopping guide will help you elevate the health of those you love through gifts big & small. While the health junkie in your family will appreciate these gifts, many of these gifts will also be cherished by anyone! Enjoy & happy shopping!**


Gifts Under $25

Only pure, simple ingredients such as: beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, peppermint & rosemary oil, lanolin, & vitamin E oil. Your loved-one's lips will be happy with the pure ingredients. Plus the cute packaging makes for a perfect stocking stuffer.

Simple and pure, this lip balm is complete sure to make your lips extremely happy. This lip balm is made with pure ingredients such as coconut oil, honey & vitamin E. Grab one for yourself too while you're at it!

Perfect for the skin care junkie or the men in your life! This charcoal bar soap is infused with an orange blossom essential oil blend & can leave skin feeling moisturized, clean & refreshed.

Anything from this site will serve as perfect stocking stuffers! From tea, to tinctures, the herbalist in your life will thank you. My top 3 picks? The elderberry syrup, the star anise (bulk spices) for homemade teas/tinctures, & the jars/tins for making my own blends at home.

Forever Healthy LLC Small-Batch Products ($20 & up) ForeverHealthy has skincare products & supplements that are made in small batches with the purest & most biologically compatible ingredients. Your loved ones will love stocking up on these products. Grab some for yourself too! Your skin will thank you.

For the soap lover, a great more natural alternative to the fragrance infused soaps that are all the rage. This soap is scented with natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrance. Aromas of spruce & peppermint will carry you through the rest of winter! Buy a 3-pack to stuff in multiple stockings & save $$!

Once I learned the carcinogenic effects of most candles & fragrances, I was so bummed that I had to ditch all my yummy smelling candles. Perry Homestead has brought the candle comfort back into my life with their small-batch, non-toxic, beeswax candles that smell like fresh baked goods.


Gifts Between $25-$50

This balm is one of the only salves you'll need in your cabinet. Perfect for anyone on your list. This tallow balm is crafted with grass-fed beef tallow, organic honey & beeswax, organic olive oil & a nourishing essential oil blend. Use to soothe burns, eczema, acne, psoriasis, scratches & more. You'll also be supporting a small business by purchasing through this brand!

This body cream out does every other cream on the market & is PUFA-free. This cream has natural ingredients such as coconut oil, urea & niacinimide (for supporting hydration), naringenin (for UV protection), & eugenol (for anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal properties). A little bit will go a long way & your skin will thank you.

Perfect for the wellness lover who also travels a lot. This diffuser fits perfectly into your car cupholder. East to bring flying too since it's easy to fit in a suitcase & plug in on the go. I also love its simple, classy design & budget-friendly cost.

(use code: LEXIEHAREN for 10% off) This mineral bath soak is perfect for the loved one in your life who enjoys their "me" time & indulges in frequent baths or foot soaks. An excellent way to not only relax, but improve mineral foundations.

Don't forget about the fur-babies in your life! This paw salve will help nourish their cracked winter paws & is created from only naturally-derived ingredients. A little bit goes a long way! Plus, it will make their paws smell quite yummy.

Perfect for the athlete on your list or the loved one with achy joints. This soothing cream is free of synthetic ingredients & includes pure essential oils such as wintergreen & peppermint that can provide temporary relief from achy muscles, strains & bruises.


Gifts Between $50-$100

Castor oil has been used for centuries for overall health & wellness. Castor oil has been shown to help with hair growth, liver function, hormone balance & more. The Queen of the Thrones brand makes castor oil application simple, mess-free & fun! I love the liver pack, but I know the eye care kit is a big hit too.

Perfect for the wine-lover who's New Years resolution is to cut back on the alcohol. This antioxidant drink is full of superfoods such as wolfberry, cherry, blueberry, pomegranate & more. Clinically shown to help energy levels & reduce stress. Package it up in a festive wine bag & take to your holiday party as a hostess gift!

Complete with the cutest dish rag, concentrated Thieves cleaner (which will last much much longer than your standard bottle of cleaner, Christmas spirit essential oil & the amber glass spray bottle. Elevate your cleaning!


Gifts Over $100 (But oh-so-worth-it)

The earth can provide us with extremely grounding energy even while we sleep with this sort of tool! We are electromagnetic beings, and being connected to the energy the ground of the earth can give us can boast numerous health and energy benefits.

(Use code: LEXIEHAREN for 10% off) "Barefoot" shoes allow the toes to splay out, utilizing the little muscles throughout the feet. This style of shoes also allows your foot to function in an anatomically correct way while you walk, work or play. All the comfort of walking barefoot, with the warmth & functionality of a winter shoe.

This diffuser is not your average diffuser. Perfect for the boujee wellness junkie in your family or friend group. This diffuser has an output that can cover 430 sq feet. The adjustable LED lights, bluetooth speaker & matching wooden remote take this diffuser to a whole new level. The diffuser also comes with 2 complimentary essential oils: tangerine & peppermint. Not just a diffuser, but a new talk-worthy piece of home decor.

Red light therapy has more recently gained traction in the bio-hacking space as an effective way to generate more cellular energy, increase the health of our mitochondria & promote healing. Perfect for the athlete in your family or for the friend who lives in a space without much sunlight in the winter!


**Some links may be affiliate links where I receive a small compensation from the company for generating traffic. Other links are simply products I truly believe in and small businesses that I'd love to see grow! Thanks for choosing to support me $ other small business owners this holiday season!**

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