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Emotional Releases, Sounds Scary!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

AHHHHHHH. Its ok to let out a scream every now and then. In Shrek they say "better out than in, eh?". I think this rings true for our emotions too. Did you ever think that maybe your stored emotions, your past traumas and the things you may have thought you "got over" might actually be hindering your forward health process?

I've realized through my own journey and through the work with my clients that most of us walking this planet have some sort of unresolved emotional stressor deep in our being that is really nicking away at our health. Often times I have had clients tell me they have been eating "right", exercising "right", sleeping "right", etc. and they just aren't feeling better. Well *ring**ring**ring* enter in the emotional work that has been left untouched.

How can these emotions from 20 years ago still be impacting me today? Well there's a great book out there called The Body Keeps the Score. The underlying premise is that our stored emotions, traumas and experiences can truly have a whole body effect for years and years to come. When our body holds onto these things at an emotional level, cue the increase of oxidative stress in the body. When oxidative stress gets out of control in the body, it can lead to a variety of symptoms.


So how do we approach these emotional triggers that lay deep down?

1) Lets acknowledge what they are! Dig deep, is there something that has been haunting you from your past? An unresolved argument with a loved one? A traumatic birth story? Childhood traumas? A bad injury or accident? A negative experience that keeps repla

ying in your mind or in your nightmares? A fear of a certain food? Something you just can't pinpoint but you know it's there?


2) Find a practitioner that can help you dive into these stored emotions and process through them in a healthy way! I have found EFT practitioners to be especially helpful in my journey of processing past traumas. I highly recommend this type of therapy to my clients who are willing and ready to dive into their past.

EFT also known as the "Emotional Freedom Technique" is performed by different tapping sequences. Essentially through tapping and running through different thought processes, you can start to rewire your brain and thought patterns to release emotions or thoughts that have been holding you back from moving forward.

One of my absolute favorite practitioners out there in the the EFT realm is Theresa Piela. You can follow her on insta @livingrootswellness. She provides free tapping videos on specific topics to the community and also has paid membership options. She also just released a tapping app (which is amazing!) For more info on her app you can visit her website here. Also if you would like any recommendations for other practitioners, shoot me a message and I'd be more than happy to share a few!


3) How else can we release our emotions?!

  • get into nature and get grounded (barefoot on the ground)

  • participate in your favorite stress-relieving activity (art, exercise, time in nature, etc)

  • go out into the wilderness and let out a big, loud SCREAM! I know it sounds crazy, but I really think it helps to get those stored emotions out of the body. And I think you may even feel a deep sense of relief after

  • tune into your breath, focus on your breathing pattern for just a couple min

  • journal, word vomit, whatever you want to call it - just get those thoughts out on paper and release them from your physical self, you can even burn em after if you feel so inclined

  • blast your fav music and blurt out those lyrics at the top of your lungs

  • go to your favorite place

  • go on a wellness retreat or spiritual retreat to process through your inner self

  • get creative!

I hope y'all find a healthy way to release those stored emotions! It can be one of the most pivotal points in our healing journeys! Imagine yourself letting go of any and all of that baggage to move freely towards your goals you have for yourself!

Much love,


Lexie meditates on the beauty in Sedona, AZ. One of her most spiritual and soul nourishing trips.

**Some links in this post may be affiliate links where I receive a small kickback for your referral.**

**None of this information should be used to diagnose, treat or solve any medical issues. Consult your doctor for medical advice.**

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