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Helping you get real answers in your wellness journey.

Our Areas of Expertise

Haren Holistics has successfully helped individuals with:

Chronic Fatigue

Thyroid, Adrenal & Hormone Dysfunction

Peri- & Post-

Infertility, Pre-,Peri- &
Post-Natal Health

Metabolic Dysfunction &
Weight Management

Allergies & Histamine

Gut Issues

Mineral & Nutrient

& other miscellaneous
health concerns

Detailed, comprehensive consulting to equip you with tools for sustainable wellness + 90 days of continued support.

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), blood work & the GI-map are used as a road map to create an individualized wellness plan that is specific to you.

A holistic health resource library & supportive community in an easy-to-navigate app. Join the collective today!

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Service & Pricing Guide

Service & Pricing Guide

Hi friend,

Lexie here

From bedridden, depressed & hopeless to climbing mountains again . . . Hi, I'm Lexie! I'm a human physiologist, mineral specialist, & functional medicine practitioner. I'm also an avid mountain biker, skier, dog & goat mom. I once felt hopeless & helpless in my own health journey, I never want anyone to experience what I did. I've committed myself to helping others overcome the hurdles of health through balance, nourishment, & by getting to the roots.

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"About 8 mos ago, I hit a horrible, crazy low due to hormone therapy. My whole being could barely function. I needed help. Lexie was able to suggest some amazing, natural supplements, along with a plan to remove products that had evil ingredients, including hidden hormones, and replace them with clean, toxin free products. I'm a much healthier, energetic, and happier person today because of her expertise, advice and help. I love her passion to always learn more and to help those of us that don't understand how to best help ourselves."

Dawn L, CA

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