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What sets Haren Holistics apart?

Education + Standard of Care + Clinical Experience


10+ years clinical experience

(in emergency medicine, outpatient & clinical exercise)


At least 90 days of continued support + individualized protocols with every package


Lexie has invested over $250,000 to gain this knowledge, which you can access with packages starting at just $364



Lexie's Formal Education: MS - High Altitude Exercise Physiology, BA -- Kinesiology


The Utilization of Ancestral Knowledge, Coupled with Modern Technology


Lexie's Continued Education: HTMA Specialist, Analyzing GI-Maps, RCPC, Homeopathy for Practitioners, EMT, ACLS, Cancer Exercise Specialist & more

The Story behind
Haren Holistics

From bedridden, depressed & hopeless to climbing mountains again . . . this is my story.


Hi friends, Lexie here!

I'm a dog & goat mom, avid adventurer & I'm pretty dang passionate about taking the non-conventional route to healing, with a focus on true human biology & physiology.


 My 20s were plagued with a variety of symptoms including, but not limited to; chronic fatigue, pain, migraines, arthritic joints, calcifications, bone spurs, anxiety, depression, PMS, heavy periods, severe allergies, asthma & more.


After many unsuccessful surgeries & $$$ down the drain to see "specialists" who told me nothing was wrong, I FINALLY decided to take my health back into my own hands. It was the best decision I ever made. 

I knew my deep understanding of the body from my master's in human physiology made me more than qualified to get to the "root" of my symptoms. (My educational history is primarily in the realm of human physiology, emergency medicine & clinical exercise.) Through additional certifications & education I found myself diving deeper into mineral health.


My conclusions?


Minerals "run the show" in our bodies & create our foundation for overall health & wellbeing. If the foundation is weak, the building crumbles over time. Minerals are responsible for cellular energy, for our body's ability to combat stress, hormone regulation & much more. 


Here, we believe in getting to the true root cause of our health & NOT putting bandaids on symptoms.

Over my last 10 years in the health & wellness industry I have accumulated what I like to call my "wellness toolbox". This is made up of the resources & tools that I have found to be the most beneficial in helping myself & others reach individual goals.


Every person is different. Let me help you build your own health toolbox so you can move forward confidently in your journey. We will utilize blood testing, hair tissue mineral analysis & other functional tests like the GiMap to determine a plan that is fully customizable to you.


Let's get you back to climbing the mountains of life!


Lexie Haren, owner of Haren Holistics

About our Approach & Philosophy

Mineral Pyramid (Presentation (169)).jpg


Minerals - the foundation of overall health & wellbeing.


With a poor foundation, the body will struggle to muster up enough energy to complete basic tasks. By addressing mineral foundations through balanced, sustainable & individualized approaches, we can greatly increase our cells' ability to create energy catering to overall metabolic health & vitality.



The essence of our being: circulation, metabolism, lymphatic flow, momentum. As an exercise physiologist, Lexie deeply understands the value of movement in overall health & wellbeing. In an ever-so-stagnant society, movement is often an overlooked healing modality. Afterall, a system in motion stays in motion.



Whether you desire to conquer the mountains in your health journey, your life or physically climb as many mountains as you desire, you have found yourself in the perfect place. Lexie's expertise in human physiology, mineral foundations & high altitude exercise physiology are sure to help you in the conquering of your soul's desires. Heck, if you want to meet some like-minded mountain gals, be sure to check out Mtn Gal Well Co - You won't regret it!

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