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6 Warm n Cozy Adrenal Cocktail Recipes

If you liked the OG adrenal mocktail mini-guide, you will love this HOT TAKE, warm and cozy version!

Note, view this blog post in the e-book version for interactive links & the recipe e-book version:

About The Adrenal Cocktail

The Adrenal Cocktail is like a "medicine bomb" providing all the essential nutrients the body needs to support adrenal health in one lil' glass. The primary components of the adrenal cocktail include Sodium, Potassium & Whole Food Vitamin C. These nutrients support the adrenal glands at a cellular level & help the body in its response to stress.

The main electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium & Calcium) are essential for optimal adrenal function. Some of the hormones that the adrenals create & secrete are responsible for pH balance in the body & for further supporting the liver's function, along with many other key functions! All of these mechanisms are fueled by the adrenal function and health, which is further fueled by mineral & electrolyte status.

It is recommended that if you haven't implemented adrenal cocktails into your routine before, you start slow with a 1/2 recipe or less & slowly increase to 1-2 a day.

Always work with a qualified practitioner when implementing new minerals & nutrients too!

Ideal Ratios The ideal ratios for nutrients in the adrenal cocktails are as follows:

Whole Food Vitamin C: about 60mg Potassium: 375mg - 500mg Sodium: 300mg - 500mg

To verify if your source of nutrients is enough, utilize a food-tracking app like Cronometer & plug your individual foods or sample recipes in!

If you aren't getting the ideal nutrients in your ACs, ensure you can get it in other ways in your diet (e.g. citrus fruits, high-quality sea salt, potassium-rich foods, whole food vit c supplement, etc.)

Components of the Adrenal Cocktail Mix n Match the following components to craft your ideal adrenal cocktail or hydrating mineral beverage at home. The “requirements” for a fully loaded adrenal cocktail are: adequate source of Whole Food Vitamin C, Potassium, and Sodium. All the other ingredients/nutrients are optional!

Whole food Vitamin C Think citrus fruits, melons, vitamin C powders. Pick one or two of the following . . .

Potassium High in orange juice & other random foods like cream of tartar! Pick one or two that appeal to you!

Sodium Think high-quality sea salt. Just a lil' is all you need!

Additional (optional) Add-Ins Extra ingredient suggestions to increase nutritional value & add flavor or spice! Pick what resonates with you.

Cozy Sample Recipes - 6 Recipes to Nourish!

Recipes that you can try yourself or add your own unique twist to. Not all are the "perfect" mineral ratios & ingredient nutritional value may vary by brand/source, however, I can say with confidence that they all are nutrient dense & will support happy adrenals & optimal hydration.

Spiced Cider AC - Inspired by my go-to "fall in a cup" beverage.

Hot n Buttered Pineapple - Inspired by my husband's love for pineapple & my hatred for rum . . . lol.

The Hot Cranny - Inspired by my cranberry mocktail in the Adrenal Cocktail Mega Guide (I'm sure this would fare well iced as well!)

The Flamin' Orange - Inspired by a flu or cold-buster drink with a bit of kick, lots of antioxidant properties & mineral support!

Hot Spicd Pom-J - Inspired by the Pom-J in my Adrenal Cocktail Mega Guide, just the warm n cozy version of it :)

The Mock Glogg - Inspired by my Swedish roots and our traditional holiday dinners that are usually accompanied by a Glogg concoction of some sort with mulling spices, juices and wine. This is my non-alcoholic, ultra-nourishing version!

Closing Words These are just examples of ways you can create nutrient-dense & ultra-hydrating beverages. As always, start slow when implementing new things into your dietary routine. None of this should be used to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions & is for educational & fun purposes only!

A few tips for creating your ideal hydrating "mock"tails: When crafting your own recipes or using slightly different ingredients, you can use Cronometer to plug your ingredients into & create "recipes" to hit your target macro & micronutrient goals.

When Shopping: Look for key words like "organic", "raw", "local", "in-season", "third-party tested", etc. when looking for ingredients for your cocktails. These will be the most nutrient & mineral dense!

If you feel like getting creative & crafting up your own adrenal cocktails & ideal ratios, you can download the recipe card below & fill in with your desired ingredients:

Have fun with it, get creative! Tag me in your creations on instagram @harenholistics

Much love, Lex

I hope you enjoyed this mini-guide to warm & cozy adrenal cocktails! To download the Hot n Cozy Adrenal Cocktail Mini Guide for free, click below:

Adrenal Cocktail Mini Guide V. 2 Hot Drinks!-2
Download PDF • 26.38MB

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If you loved this guide, you will also LOVE the: Adrenal Cocktail Mega-Guide for 30+ AC Recipes in a downloadable E-Book (now available in a hard copy version too!)

Much love & happy minerals, Lex

**Some (not all) of the links in this gift guide may be affiliate links where I received a very small payout from the company for directing traffic their way. I never partner with or endorse brands that I do not truly believe in myself. I truly believe in the power of these products to help support individuals in their wellness journeys. Thank you for choosing to support my small business by shopping through my links!**

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